Contacting members on the Executive

Cupe 1310 Members,

This is a reminder that members need to first contact their Supervisor and work to resolve the matter before contacting the Union.

For matters pertaining to sick leave, attendance support, medical notes, etc.  You the member need to contact Health and Wellness at the School Board.  You the member need to follow the procedures that are in place from the board on providing sufficient medical documentation.  Members need to ensure you are checking emails on a regular basis and corresponding with the board when requested.  Ensure you are responding and following what’s requested to access your sick leave, etc.

Members need to contact members on the Executive following the proper procedure.

  1. Your Area Steward after you have tried to resolve the matter with your immediate supervisor.
  2.  For ASP, contact Michelle Ivanyi or Misty Archer
  3.  For WSIB contact Mario Emestica or Misty Archer

Please ensure you are reaching out to your steward for the school you work at following the list provided under each area stewards contact information on the website.   They are to look after matters in those schools.  They will then if it is not a matter pertaining to them they will direct you to the person you need to be in contact with.

Email is the preferred method for contacting a member on the executive.  It allows a paper trail and also not always can we answer a call or a text as we are dealing with other matters or away from our phones.

If you need to contact the Vice President or President please use email.  And use only the union email.  Do not contact members of the executive thru facebook or facebook messenger.

We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you,

Yours in Solidarity.