Staff Changes 2020

Staff Changes


October 2020:

Laura Bawn from Nantyr Shores to Killarney Beach

Darren Healy from East Oro PS to Uptergrove PS Chief Custodian

Jennifer Hoyle from Moonstone PS to Mundy’s Bay PS Chief Custodian

William Perry from W.C.Little to Temp Chief at Warminster PS

Tammy Smith from Orillia SS to Ed Centre Chief Custodian


September 2020

Darryl Bowen  Minesing Central Public School

Susanne Carr moved from Innisdale HS to Hyde Park

Dawn Reed from Shanty Bay PS to Harriett Todd PS

Sean Culham  Area 5 B Project Custodian Temp position

Spencer Decola from Elmvale HS to Area 1 B Project Team Custodian Temp.

Daniel Flynn from Banting and Boyne River to Area 4A Project Team Custodian Temp

Wendy Cook Chief Custodian from Shanty Bay PS to Chief Custodian East Oro PS.

Dianne Gulley from Worsley PS to Collingwood CI.

August 2020

Carmen Fletcher from Maintenance Helper to PM Maintenance

Mario Emestica from Mundy’s Bay Chief Cust.  to Group Leader GBDSS

Jodi McQuarrie from Collingwood CI to Cameron Street Chief Custodian

Scott Robinson from Cameron Street PS Chief Cust to 5B Duntroon PTC.




Andrew Prance New Casual

Jessie Bylow New Casual

Samantha Moreau new hire Hillsdale PS

Richard Hoover New Casual

Christine Henry new hire to Huron Park PS and Warminster PS.

Jessica Archer New Casual

Lisa Boos New Casual

David Brown New Casual

Stacey Jones New Casual

Jesse Robertson New Casual

Christian Grasman to Baxter Central

Jason Lloyd New Hire to WH Day

Nicholas Rosart New Casual

Adam Fladd new hire to Trillium Woods

Rino Cozzupoli New Casual



Joel Elliott January 27, 2020
Nicole Lalonde January 13, 2020

Special Congratulation and a big thanks to our Retirees

September Retirements:

Jennifer Weaver

Eric Couture from BAS Tech.

August 2020 Retirements:

Joanne Ellis retired from Collingwood Collegiate Institute

Heather Moreau retired from GBDSS

July 2020 Retirements:

Greg Grant retiring from Tay Shores Public School

Joe McRobb

2020 Retirements

Joanne Reynolds Retiring from Huronia Centenial Public School
Leslie Campbell Retiring from Alliston Learning Centre