Staff Changes

Staff Changes


March 2021

Troy Leonard from 1B OPS to GBDSS

Antonio Bono from Hillsdale, Minesing Central  to WH Day

John Boynton New Hire to BAS Electrician

Crystal Crooks from Harriett Todd to Regent Park

B, Holderney-McDonald from Trillium Woods to Minesing Central

February 2021

Preston Boyington from Maple Grove to Barrie North

Tim White to Moonstone PS

Antonio Bono New Permanent  to Hillsdale

Crystal Crooks from Regent Park to Harriett Todd

Rob Gibbons from Bayview , Innisdale to Bayview ISS, Innisdale, Sunnybrae

Robert Lapp New Permanent to Hewitt’s Creek

Samantha Moreau from Hillcrest to WR Best

Melissa Ferreri from Ed Centr  to Oakley Park

Daniel Flynn from #4A OPS to Mapleview Heights

William Perry from Warminster to Boyne River

Michael Coyle from Boyne River to Tecumseth Beeton

Darren Cunliffe New Permanent to Alliston Union, Boyne River, Tottenham

January 2021

Ricky Sutherland from Birchview Dunes to Casual ( Retirement)

Brendan Burke from #3A OPS to #4A OPS Maintenance Person

Heidi Forman from Orchard Park to Twin Lakes

Trevor Heighington from #1A OPS Ed Centre to Eastview

Stacey Jones new Permanent to Orillia SS

Nicole Lalonde from Portage View to Terry Fox

B Holderney-McDonald New Hire to Minesing Central

Jaclyn Sand New Hire to Eastview

Terrilyn Tripp from Trillium Woods to Baxter Central (Temp Assignment)

Matthew Wilson from Harriett Todd to Twin Lakes

Theresa Judd from Boyne River to Birchview Dunes

Yvon Pilon from Guthrie to Orchard Park

Teresa Tanzola from Hewitt’s Creek to Hyde Park

Donna Woods from Assikinack to Innisdale SS

Patrick Gray New Hire to Chris Hadfield

Sheri Swan to Hillcrest

Matthew Wilson from Twin Lakes to Harriett Todd

Donna Woods from Innisdale to Assikinack (Temp Post)

Jacques Elliott from Ernest Cumberland to SSSS Alliston

B, Holderney-McDonald from Minesing Central to Trillium Woods ( Temp Post)

Dawn Reed from Harriett Todd to Guthrie

Terrilyn Tripp from Baxter Central to SSSS Alliston

December 2020

Darryl Bowen from James Keating, Minesing Central, SSSS Midland to #2 OPS Ardtrea

Preson Boyington from Barrie North, Oakley Park, Portage View to Barrie North, Oakley Park and Portage View

Kenneth Burke from Innisdale SS to Orillia SS

Cathy Couture from Ferndale Woods to Portage View

Karen Johnson staffing Cameron Street, Connaught

Arthur Manfredi from Bear Creek to Ferndale Woods

Gordon Moravek from SSSS Innisfil to Goodfellow

Preston Boyington from Barrie North, Oakley Park, Portage View to Maple Grove

Christan Grasman from Baxter Central to Bear Creek

Samantha Moreau from WR Best to Hillcrest (Chief Custodian Temp Post)

November 2020 

Mathew Preston from Killarney Beach to Bradford LC, SSSS Bradford, WH Day

Darryl Bowen casual to Minesing Central

Steven Bulko Bayview and Wyevale Central

Dayssi Camargo from hillcrest to Shanty Bay

Kevin Frietas from Fieldcrest to Killarney Beach

Jason Hayes from #2 OPS Ardtrea to Maintenance

Chantal Nakashima from WR Best to Orillia SS.

Mary Jane Sageaktook from Maple Grove to West Bayfield

October 2020:

Laura Bawn from Nantyr Shores to Killarney Beach

Darren Healy from East Oro PS to Uptergrove PS Chief Custodian

Jennifer Hoyle from Moonstone PS to Mundy’s Bay PS Chief Custodian

William Perry from W.C.Little to Temp Chief at Warminster PS

Tammy Smith from Orillia SS to Ed Centre Chief Custodian

Irene Rumley from Innisfil Central to Nantyr Shores

Phillip Canning from Oakley Park to PMTCE Northwest

Margaret Eiras from Fieldcrest to W.H. Day

Christene Feder from Bayview ISS to Innisdale

Noreen Iles from Emma King to East Oro

Samantha Moreau from Hillsdale to WR Best

Angela Bifolchi from Bradford DHS to Fieldcrest

Michael Manuel from Innisfil Central to Bradford LC

Mathew Preston to SSSS Bradford and WH Day

Dawn Reed from Harriett Todd to Shanty Bay

Irene Rumley from Nantyr Shores to Innisfil Central

Donna Woods from Innisdale to Assikinack

September 2020

Darryl Bowen  Minesing Central Public School

Susanne Carr moved from Innisdale HS to Hyde Park

Dawn Reed from Shanty Bay PS to Harriett Todd PS

Sean Culham  Area 5 B Project Custodian Temp position

Spencer Decola from Elmvale HS to Area 1 B Project Team Custodian Temp.

Daniel Flynn from Banting and Boyne River to Area 4A Project Team Custodian Temp

Wendy Cook Chief Custodian from Shanty Bay PS to Chief Custodian East Oro PS.

Dianne Gulley from Worsley PS to Collingwood CI.

August 2020

Carmen Fletcher from Maintenance Helper to PM Maintenance

Mario Emestica from Mundy’s Bay Chief Cust.  to Group Leader GBDSS

Jodi McQuarrie from Collingwood CI to Cameron Street Chief Custodian

Scott Robinson from Cameron Street PS Chief Cust to 5B Duntroon PTC.


Alma Elopre

Shawn Engel

Deorah Grandy

Morgan Hayter

Colin Hughes

Sean Nisbet

Severino Puopolo

John Boynton to BAS Electrician

Luiz Belo

Jamie Fitzsimmons

Maybelle Reid

Amanda Hill

Meggan Manone

Robert Lapp

Antonio Bono

Robert Sturgess

Matthew Wilson

Elizabeth Ring

Jaclyn Sand

B, Holderney-McDonald

Stefan Castellan

Bruce Molyneaux

Samantha Moreau

David Clarke

Rob Gibbons

Kristy Lemoine

Noel Lismanis

James McIntyre New Plumber

Cheryl Rice

Mitchell Sienkiewicz

Donald Tibbett

Zabrina Wick

Amanda Hill

Amanda Story

Alison Duncan

Makayla Evans

David Avery

Lisa Brown

Ronald Cahill

Penny Mitchell

Adam Montesano

Patty Norris

Andrew Prance New Casual

Jessie Bylow New Casual

Samantha Moreau new hire Hillsdale PS

Richard Hoover New Casual

Christine Henry new hire to Huron Park PS and Warminster PS.

Jessica Archer New Casual

Lisa Boos New Casual

David Brown New Casual

Stacey Jones New Casual

Jesse Robertson New Casual

Christian Grasman to Baxter Central

Jason Lloyd New Hire to WH Day

Nicholas Rosart New Casual

Adam Fladd new hire to Trillium Woods

Rino Cozzupoli New Casual


Jack Ramos December 24, 2020 seniority date is April 16, 2020

Angela Jenkins January 6, 2021 seniority date is June 9, 2020

Christene Feder January 08, 2021 seniority date is February 29, 2020

Beverly Aubin December 29, 2020  seniority date is November 27, 2019

Colton McLauchlan December 29, 2020 seniority date is  August 23, 2019

Sean Genge December 29, 2020 seniority date is December 17, 2019

Karen Johnson December 22, 2020  seniority date is January 13, 2020

Michelle Cranney January 6, 2021 seniority date is  April 21, 2020

Stacey Jones January 4, 2021

Joel Elliott January 27, 2020
Nicole Lalonde January 13, 2020